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Armouring classes 

Simple Pauldrons construction

Lesson Plan :

Presentation of tools: Vice, hammer, anvil etc

Demonstration of basic techniques

Modification of hammers

Basic embossing

Drill holes for a leather strap
Assembling the part

Equipment to bring:

Clear safety glasses;
Plugs if you have sensitive ears :)
Notepad and pencil (this is not a theoretical course but a lot of information to remember so taking notes will prove useful)
ball-pen hammer  16oz

Planing hammer
If you have tools (ex: hammer, anvil (stake), etc.), bring them.


$ 375 for a 7-hour day per student plus materials if applicable.

$ 700 for two days of 7h per student, so 14h totals plus materials if necessary.

Classes are given to a maximum of 2 students at a time.

The course is paid for in advance which confirms the reservation of a class.

For more infos write to me here

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